I remember one time in particular that I was late for a class. Woke up with a start, got dressed and ran to class in the middle of campus. Of course I wasn’t the only one late but I was one of the few that forgot my laptop. Yup didn’t get much in the way of notes for that class. Fortunately the professor posted notes online, so it ended ok. I lied. It happened way, way more than once! Anyway, it worked out ok for me I guess.

  • Laundry

Another point I want make is this: make sure you have laundry detergent. Cologne and body spray only work for so long. I don’t care how much game you have, a chic is not gonna think twice about a smelly dude. Take time to wash and dry your clothes. Did you catch that? Dry your clothes too. Don’t get lazy and think that you can air dry them in the dorms, No. Nope. Not gonna work. Why do I tell you all of this? Because I tried everything that I write about. Trying to save you time and trouble. You’re welcome.

Beer,er, iced tea pong is a game best played with loud music and lots of girls. Show your stuff. Just be careful who you choose to be on your team. Get someone with decent aim or you are screwed. It could be a very short game. Either bring a couple good buddies or sit back and take note of who is decent on the losing team. Of course they don’t know you, but be confident and show them what you got.

  • Tickets

As for buying student section tickets for football and basketball, here are two words for you: do it. Listen I love sports, all sports, but even if you hate them, you can either sell them or give them to people. By which of course I mean sell them. Make some side money for yourself. Seriously. Some of the better games will pay for the whole years worth of tickets you bought. After that it’s just frosting on the ‘ol cake. Plus, chics are always looking to go to a game even if they hate sports. It’s a place for them to be seen and they usually end up enjoying it, especially if you are chill.

  • Parental Visits

Let’s face facts here. The parents are gonna wanna visit. If you are lucky, they won’t. Very lucky. Make sure you know when they will visit and tell all your friends. Giving them a heads up will help them get over the shock and maybe be a little more well behaved. Maybe. Whatever, you are screwed. Anyway, clean your room and go out for dinner. Out for dinner. Out. So just make the best of the situation and hopefully they will remember their college days and not be too hard to deal with. Or maybe you have pretty chill parents and it’s not a big deal for them. Well, you’re one of the lucky few. Enjoy.

Stay under the radar as far as school officials are concerned as well. Once you get a bad rep, it’s almost impossible to turn it around. Have a ton of fun, just make sure it’s legal fun or don’t get caught. Got it? Same thing with the professors that care. Don’t let them single you out for dumb crap or brown nosing it. Just put your head down and do good work.