The Beginning

So just how does one survive college?

I mean sure it’s fun. And it’s learning. But there is so much more that goes into it.

It’s a transition to real world life.

It’s actually kinda a daunting task. I mean, sure, we were talked to about this our whole life and even in just the last couple months. But when we pull up in our broken down hand me down beater car do we REALLY know what we are getting into?

In one simple word:




That is why I have decided to create this blog to help those of you understand just a little bit more of what to expect. Sure, the movies and our parents can kinda tell us on how it’s gonna be. But when it comes down to it there are several make or break steps one must take.

Here we go:

First and foremost,  one MUST laugh. Having a good time is crucial for the survival of college. I mean really guys, this is not only the first time you are out on your own for some of you this may also be the last time you will have this kinda of time to “live it up”. So enjoy it, dude.

Don’t be stupid. Sure have fun. Have a couple all-nighters. Kiss some girls. Go to parties. But let’s remember to keep it legal. There is nothing more embarrassing that having your parents bail you out of jail. And there is no worse way to start off adulthood than carrying around a record before you even get out into the real world.

Grades. Yeah, these things matter. These are what is going to carry you through your entire life. Start off strong. Git r gone. I mean, don’t go crazy to where you aren’t even taking a break to enjoy life around you…. but also set those priorities. This is the beginning of your future.

I think I’ll leave that here for now. I have plenty more where this came from. I’ll be back with more stories and tips for survival!