playing foosballNow simply put, college is great. I really enjoyed it and hope everyone gets to have half the experiences that I did.  I went to get my degree and I got it. It’s in a frame just like everyone else has. It is special to me because I know what it took to earn it. Of course if I ever forget I can just check my student loan bill. Yikes. Anyway I not only finished school but I also made really great friends and yes, we still hang out. Actually I crush many of my buddies in our monthly poker games. Good times.

Maybe college is not for everyone. If you did not attend college that’s ok too. As long as you have a job that  can pay the bills, thats all that matters. Or is it? I read somewhere that 90% of Americans don’t love their job. Yikes that is pretty startling if you think about it. I am very fortunate to be doing what I love and actually went to school for. Sadly that is not the case for a lot of people. Even though they went to college for a certain major, they ae doing something totally different. Not that it is a bad thing, it’s just a fact.

You only live once, so go for the job you really want. It may sound cheesy, but being in a job you dislike makes for a miserable existence. Of course, sometimes it can’t be helped. I have had a couple of bummer jobs over the years and I just kept my head up and worked extremely hard at whatever I was doing.

So why am I rambling on about jobs and life? Because it relates to college I guess. Look, I’m not some old, wise person dropping heaps of knowledge on your head but I have seen a thing or two. We all have. Learning is life, not just living. Back to the college thing now.

When living in a dorm, make sure you have some sort of air freshener. I’m not kidding. Living in that close of proximity to other human beings can get pungent. I learned this very early on. Also, even if your stuff is clearly marked, you will find stuff missing. I don’t care if you put locks on everything, it will happen. Just deal with it is all I can say. Don’t keep opened boxes of food laying around either. Playing endless table games in the game room. Because that is just what you want to hear in the room. The scurrying of tiny mouse feet or looking at a line of ants. It doesn’t matter how new or clean your dorm is either. They will find the open food. Again, this is unfortunately from experience. You see kids, if you can learn from my dumb mistakes you will save yourself both time and heartache. I am not the brightest bulb in the box sometimes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have fun writing about some of my college days and some things I learned along the way. I update this quite often, especially when I remember a great story or tip. Check back often to find some more tidbits of interesting things and such.


I remember one time in particular that I was late for a class. Woke up with a start, got dressed and ran to class in the middle of campus. Of course I wasn’t the only one late but I was one of the few that forgot my laptop. Yup didn’t get much in the way of notes for that class. Fortunately the professor posted notes online, so it ended ok. I lied. It happened way, way more than once! Anyway, it worked out ok for me I guess.

  • Laundry

Another point I want make is this: make sure you have laundry detergent. Cologne and body spray only work for so long. I don’t care how much game you have, a chic is not gonna think twice about a smelly dude. Take time to wash and dry your clothes. Did you catch that? Dry your clothes too. Don’t get lazy and think that you can air dry them in the dorms, No. Nope. Not gonna work. Why do I tell you all of this? Because I tried everything that I write about. Trying to save you time and trouble. You’re welcome.

Beer,er, iced tea pong is a game best played with loud music and lots of girls. Show your stuff. Just be careful who you choose to be on your team. Get someone with decent aim or you are screwed. It could be a very short game. Either bring a couple good buddies or sit back and take note of who is decent on the losing team. Of course they don’t know you, but be confident and show them what you got.

  • Tickets

As for buying student section tickets for football and basketball, here are two words for you: do it. Listen I love sports, all sports, but even if you hate them, you can either sell them or give them to people. By which of course I mean sell them. Make some side money for yourself. Seriously. Some of the better games will pay for the whole years worth of tickets you bought. After that it’s just frosting on the ‘ol cake. Plus, chics are always looking to go to a game even if they hate sports. It’s a place for them to be seen and they usually end up enjoying it, especially if you are chill.

  • Parental Visits

Let’s face facts here. The parents are gonna wanna visit. If you are lucky, they won’t. Very lucky. Make sure you know when they will visit and tell all your friends. Giving them a heads up will help them get over the shock and maybe be a little more well behaved. Maybe. Whatever, you are screwed. Anyway, clean your room and go out for dinner. Out for dinner. Out. So just make the best of the situation and hopefully they will remember their college days and not be too hard to deal with. Or maybe you have pretty chill parents and it’s not a big deal for them. Well, you’re one of the lucky few. Enjoy.

Stay under the radar as far as school officials are concerned as well. Once you get a bad rep, it’s almost impossible to turn it around. Have a ton of fun, just make sure it’s legal fun or don’t get caught. Got it? Same thing with the professors that care. Don’t let them single you out for dumb crap or brown nosing it. Just put your head down and do good work.






The Middle ( or something like it )

So, playing ping pong, air hockey, going to football games and just about everything else is more fun than studying. Like sleep. Got it. However, ya gotta do it. A good way that helped me a lot was to set aside a certain amount of time and then stick to it. Much easier said than done but it is achievable.

Some of the best times I had were on the weekends, of course. The aforementioned football games and going to my buddies parents house which was only an hours drive. Bonfires, chicks and um, drinks. You know like pop and iced tea. Just really relaxing and nice. The hot girls helped things too, you know who you are!

Sooner than we wanted though it was back to reality and school. I really tried to like every aspect of my time there. Like we had been told a billion times, ” You only go to college once “. Yeah, I guess.

Of course I loved the bands that came through and performed like: 30 Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters, Muse and the like. I remember most of the concerts I think… Anyway, there was some cool people that came through campus.

The professors were usually ok too. I had a couple who were actually engaging  and answered questions from us students. Others just wanted a paycheck and the accolades. Oh well.

I roomed in the dorms like most of my friends and that was a great experience for me. I met some really cool people and some not so awesome people who couldn’t clean if their lives depended on it. Kinda acted like idiots come to think of it. Anyway, as long as an xbox or playstation was available it was pretty chill. I got to be pretty decent at a couple games when I should have probably studied more.

The food was decent in most of the cafeterias around campus as long as you knew when and where to go. Not all were created equal. Make sure to have some spending money for those times you want something else to eat. Word gets around as to which local joints have great food. I found a bunch of them around campus.

I went to a school that got cold in the fall and winter months, so make sure you have sweatshirts and junk for it. I bought a ton of them from our university store. Student discounts anyone? Speaking of which, you show that student I.D. almost anywhere around the city and you can save money. Especially movie theaters. I spent more than I should have there believe me.

I had bought a decent laptop before school and it basically saved my life. Don’t skimp on a good, reliable laptop. Or cell phone. Too many girls wanted my number to not have great service and stuff. The rest is just details that you are gonna have to figure out I guess. I know I did.

Make cool friends as soon as you can because well, it’s fun to hang out and do stuff.









The Beginning

So just how does one survive college?

I mean sure it’s fun. And it’s learning. But there is so much more that goes into it.

It’s a transition to real world life.

It’s actually kinda a daunting task. I mean, sure, we were talked to about this our whole life and even in just the last couple months. But when we pull up in our broken down hand me down beater car do we REALLY know what we are getting into?

In one simple word:




That is why I have decided to create this blog to help those of you understand just a little bit more of what to expect. Sure, the movies and our parents can kinda tell us on how it’s gonna be. But when it comes down to it there are several make or break steps one must take.

Here we go:

First and foremost,  one MUST laugh. Having a good time is crucial for the survival of college. I mean really guys, this is not only the first time you are out on your own for some of you this may also be the last time you will have this kinda of time to “live it up”. So enjoy it, dude.

Don’t be stupid. Sure have fun. Have a couple all-nighters. Kiss some girls. Go to parties. But let’s remember to keep it legal. There is nothing more embarrassing that having your parents bail you out of jail. And there is no worse way to start off adulthood than carrying around a record before you even get out into the real world.

Grades. Yeah, these things matter. These are what is going to carry you through your entire life. Start off strong. Git r gone. I mean, don’t go crazy to where you aren’t even taking a break to enjoy life around you…. but also set those priorities. This is the beginning of your future.

I think I’ll leave that here for now. I have plenty more where this came from. I’ll be back with more stories and tips for survival!